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Password reset options for Apex Recorders

Attention: OpenEye Technical Support cannot change or reset local administrator passwords for Apex recorders.

If you have lost your local user password or the local password needs to be changed, follow the setups below (Note: The recorder must be connected to the internet prior to these steps and previously registered to OWS):

If you do not have administrative access to the recorder on OpenEye Web Services, please reach out to your OWS admin for further assistance.

  1. Login to and connect to your recorder.
  2. Click the gear icon and select system settings
    • clipboard_ea5c7bd3ebb29a9377c7e11555e4281b7.png
  3. Select local users
    • clipboard_ec00c296d1f1ad20f4d68c82e74f75675.png
  4. From this screen, you can select the local user you wish to change the password to
    • clipboard_e0958167bd700164bc7ab473a66e29d65.png
  5. Select change password
    • clipboard_ec5df25d36581d4a2f06a86f806968753.png


If your recorder does not have access to the internet or OWS, the recorder will need to be defaulted. To do this, follow the steps in the link below: 



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