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Receiving Recorder after RMA

What to do after Receiving Recorder from RMA

After receiving an NVR from RMA, whether an Advance Replacement unit, or a recently repaired unit, there are a few quick steps to get back up and running.

  • Complete First Time Wizard
  • Import Config
  • Verify OWS Connection
  • Add back to Alerts & Reports
Complete First Time Wizard

Set the initial admin password and configure network settings for Internet Connection.

Import Config

Import the previous config to load camera information, names, IPs and passwords. As well as OWS Connection.

  • Previous configs are automatically uploaded to OWS and can be downloaded from Recorder Management in OWS.
Verify OWS Connection

Use OWS to verify NVR is showing the correct name and able to connect.

Add back to Alerts & Reports

The Replacement NVR will need to be added back to any manual alerts or reports. (Alerts and Reports with “Automatically Include all NVRs” will not need to be checked.

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