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Cloud Camera Beta Setup Guide

This setup guide is intended to provide the initial steps for installing an OpenEye cloud camera and adding it to OpenEye Web Services.
Subscription Management Settings

Available licenses are required as an initial step before installing your OpenEye cloud camera. Verify the following Subscription Management options are set for the account:

  1. Subscription Management is enabled for the account.
  2. The account has available licenses.
  3. Licenses are automatically assigned.  
Quick Installation Guides

Follow the Quick Installation Guides to install the cloud camera hardware:

Hardware Manuals

Select a camera model for hardware-specific information:

Cloud Camera Status LED Behavior

The following colors and behavior indicate the status of the cloud camera:

LED Behavior


Solid Red

Camera is booting

Flashing Green

Software is booting

 Solid Green

Camera is connected and recording

 Flashing Red/Green

Camera is updating software

  Flashing Red

Storage missing or corrupted

  Flashing Red/Green/Off

Unable to obtain an IP Address

Add Device Wizard

Use the QR codes provided on OpenEye cloud cameras and the camera boxes to add the cameras to OpenEye Web Services through the Add Device Wizard:

Cloud Camera Configuration

The cloud camera can be configured after the device is added. The following link provides additional information on configuration:

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