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Micro SD Cards for OpenEye Cameras

MicroSD Cards for OpenEye cameras

OpenEye cameras can support an internal MicroSD memory card to accommodate video storage on the camera, which is for temporary storage in case the connectivity is lost to the NVR when the camera still has power. Below are general storage capacity specs for the 128GB and 512GB MicroSD cards. This article will also give a walk-through for installing a MicroSD card on an OpenEye camera.

  • 128GB MicroSD
    • A 128GB memory card should hold up to 24 hours of footage at 1080p at 4k resolution. That data rate must be 8.85MB/s for this to happen. A standard 128GB memory card can hold up to 48 hours of film at 720p at 4k resolution. A data rate of roughly 4.42MB/s is also required.
  • 512GB MicroSD
    • A 512GB SD card can hold up to 48 hours of video using lower resolutions like 1080p and 720p. Shooting in higher video quality, 4K, lowers the amount of video your memory card can hold because of larger file sizes.
  1. To configure a MicroSD Card, locate the recommended size MicroSD Card for the camera in the table below. If your camera model is not in the table below, see your camera manual and specifications.
    Camera Model Storage
    OE-C1011D4-SOE-C1012D2-SOE-C1013D4-SOE-C1014D4-SOE-C1016T2-SOE-C2012B4-SOE-C2012B8-SOE-C3011D4OE-C3012T4-SOE-C3012T8-SOE-C3212D4-SOE-C3212D8-SOE-C6123WD MicroSD card; Up to 512GB


  2. Power off the camera.
  3. Place the recommended MicroSD Card into the camera.
  4. Turn on the camera and Log into the camera’s web interface. Click on Setup, Storage Settings, and then Storage.Picture1.png
  5. Click in the box next to Enable. Format the MicroSD card. Make any other changes that need to be made and click save.Picture2.png
  6. To retrieve the recorded video on the MicroSD card, power down the camera, remove the MicroSD card, and export the video to a computer or laptop. Replace the MicroSD card with the camera and power it back on.
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