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OpenEye Cloud Camera FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
Do OpenEye Cloud Cameras support ONVIF?

ONVIF is not currently supported. Depending on needs, future considerations will be given to adding some ONVIF functionality through a firmware update.

Do OpenEye Cloud Cameras support RTSP?

RTSP support will be added in a future firmware update but is not supported at this time.

Where is recorded video stored?

Video is stored locally on internal SD cards.

What happens if internet connectivity is lost?

Video will continue to be recorded locally. Priority events will continue to be queued until internet connectivity is restored, or for up to 24-hours.

Is licensing included with the camera?

Licensing must be purchased separately.

Can OpenEye Cloud Cameras be connected to OpenEye recorders?

This is not currently a supported configuration but may change with a future update.

Do I have to replace the camera if an SD card fails?

No. SD cards can be replaced on site.

How often is firmware released for OpenEye Cloud Cameras?

Every 30 days.

Do OpenEye Cloud Cameras support audio?

Yes, on models with audio input and/or output connections.

Do OpenEye Cloud Cameras support sensors and relays?

Yes, on models with sensors and relay connections.

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