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POS Connect

Point-of-Sale (POS) Connect for OpenEye Web Services (OWS) gives businesses of all types a more complete picture into their operations and sales by marrying transactional data from their point-of-sale system with video verification.

Using customizable searches and notifications you can identify costly problems of fraud, operator error, or poor customer experiences so you can correct them before they affect your bottom line. Our powerful cloud-managed video platform gives you the tools you need to get a better return on your loss prevention efforts and improve security, both cyber and physical, all while reducing the burden on IT and operations.



Best Practices
  • Use the Copy Shareable link to quickly export and share video clips and receipt details with others inside or outside of your organization.
  • Deploy fisheye cameras or cameras with corridor mode to capture a complete view of merchandise and point-of-purchase areas.

NOTE: POS Connect can be accessed by mobile phone, iPad, and tablets for quick and easy use. It is important to note that video accessed in a mobile is not supported on iOS phones.

NOTE: Some POS Connect features are dependent on license type.

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