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Receipt View and Video

Combining your point-of-sale data with OpenEye video allows users to receive video verification of transaction events to quickly add context to receipt disparities or issues. Users can also directly compare transaction data against events within surveillance video.


Point of Sale Search
  1. Click Point of Sale in the top navigation bar.


  1. Follow the steps for a Point of Sale Search.
Search Results and Receipt View
Search Results
  • Click to highlight the desired transaction and click the VIEW button to see that receipt in the receipt view section.
  • Click the camera icon to view the primary camera thumbnail for that transaction.
  • Click on Export Icon.png to export the results of a Search.

The bottom of the results page will show the count of total results populated from the search criteria. To navigate back to search/filters, click the EDIT SEARCH button near the top left-hand corner. 

Receipt View

Point of Sale Tickets Table.png

The video shown in the receipt view is from the highlighted transaction in the search results.

1x  Click for playback speed options.

Skip Backward  Move to the previous frame of recorded video.

Play Backward  Play recorded video backward.

Pause / Stop  Freeze recorded video. 

Play Forward  Play recorded video forward.

Skip Forward  Move to the next frame of recorded video.

Export – Export video to the cloud.

Cameras – Choose between the mapped cameras associated with the POS Terminal. View Terminal and Camera Mapping for more details.

More Options (...)

  1. Open Full Player – View video on a full screen display.
  2. Copy Sharable Link – Use this to quickly share this view with others who have access to OWS.


The video is timestamped to the transaction line item highlighted in blue in the tickets table below. Playing the video will play through transaction line items.

Tickets Table The tickets table has three sections (similar to the Point of Sale Search page) that consist of Transaction (line item details), Transaction Information and Payment Information.

Use the Navigation Buttons at the bottom to view the previous or next search result based on:

Operator - previous or next transaction with that same Operator.

Transaction - previous or next transaction from that same Location.

Search Results - previous or next transaction listed in the search results.​​​​​​

Results Table

After performing a Search, results will display in the Results Table. 

Point of Sale Results Table Terminal.png

The total results count and time range will appear at the bottom of the Results Table.

PoS UTC Range.png

NOTE: If you perform a custom search, the time range at the bottom of the results table will be shown in Terminal Time.

Point of Sale Custom Search.png

PoS Terminal Range.png

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