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Priority Clips

Priority Clips in OpenEye Web Services

Safeguard against video loss from smash-and-grab incidents or other damage by automatically saving video clips of critical events to the cloud. Priority Clips leverages OpenEye Web Services' (OWS) existing clip export and alerting systems to automatically export video clips of priority incidents to the cloud for safe keeping even if the equipment is compromised or stolen. Specify OWS alert rules to trigger priority clips and then view the event and associated video in your alert history. Priority video clips can then be saved and shared, aiding in quick and collaborative incident response. Priority Clips, combined with the capabilities of OWS, empowers your security operations with instant, prioritized access to critical incident video, ensuring video footage is safe when it matters most.

NOTE: Priority Clips requires Apex Server Software version 3.0 or above.

NOTE: Priority Clips in OWS is only available with certain licensing tiers. See OWS Licensing for more information.

Create an Alert Rule

NOTE: Priority Clips is available for Intrusion Alerts only.

  1. Within the Alerts tab in the OWS Cloud Portal, select Alert Rules from the dropdown menu.

Alert Rules dropdown.png

  1. Click Add New Rule.

Add New Rule button.png

  1. Select an Alert Type from the pop-up menu. 

Create Alert Rule Popup List.png

  1. Click Next.

Next Button.png

  1. Name the alert and give it a Description as desired.

Alert Name and Description.png

  1. Click Create.

Create button.png

Enable Priority Clip Upload
  1.  Click Edit Edit Button.png on the Alert Rule.
  2.  In Rule Definition, check Priority Clip Upload.

Priority Clip Intrusion Alert Rule Definition PLUS.png

  1. Click Save Save Button.png.
Priority Clips in Alert History

Alerts with Priority Clip Upload enabled appear in the Alert History list with a Yes in the Priority Clip column and a video icon Video Icon.png.

NOTE: Hover over the video icon Video Icon.png to view a thumbnail image of the clip.

  1. Go to Alerts > Alert History.

Alerts Alert History Dropdown.png

Priority Clip Alert History Yes.png

NOTE: Click on Show Filters to search by Priority Clip Upload. Click Apply after choosing filters.

Priority Clip Show Filters.png

  1. Click View to preview the full clip with detailed and editable information.

Priority Clip Edit Details.png

  1. Click play on the video player to watch the full clip or View in Web Client.
Saving Priority Clips
  1. Click Save to Video Clips to save the video clip to long term storage.

NOTE: Priority Clips are automatically deleted after 7 days if they are not manually saved to Video Clips. You can check the expiration date under Priority Clip Upload.

Priority Clip Upload Expiration Date.png

  1. Title the clip and enter Public Notes (optional).

Priority Clip Save to Video Clips pop up.png

  1. Click Next.
  2. Check Share Video Clip if you want to share with other users or groups.

Priority Clip Share Video Clip.png

  1. Click Save.

A saved clip will appear in the Video Clips list under the Title entered in the Save to Video Clips step above.

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