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How to Replace a Failed Storage Drive

This article goes over how to physically replace a failed storage drive on an Apex recorder. To determine if a storage drive has failed, refer to the Knowledge Base article "How to Determine if you Have a Failed Storage Drive?"

Replacing a Failed Storage Drive

Note: Be sure the unit is disconnected from any power source. 

Note: It is recommended to replace your drive through an RMA. Please contact Technical Support for assistance on setting up a drive replacement. 

  1. Open the chassis to expose the internal components. Depending on the model NVR, you will need to remove the screws. 1.jpg
  2. Locate the affected drive. Note: It is recommended to note the serial number of the affected drive before removing. 4.jpg
  3. Disconnect the drive from the chassis and its SATA connection. 5.jpg
  4. Install the replacement hard drive in place, connect to chassis, then connect the SATA connection. 
  5. Close the chassis.
  6. Reconnect power cable and power on the unit.
  7. The OS should automatically see the drive and mount it as a storage drive. To enable the drive, navigate to System Settings > Storage, and enable the new drive. 
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