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How Do I Reimage My Command Station System?

How To Re-image a Workstation
  1.  Insert a USB recovery flash drive into a USB 3.0 (blue)port on the unit.
  2.  At the start of the reboot press F12 to load the boot menu and select UEFI USB recovery flash drive and hit enter.
  3.  The recovery wizard will load.
  4.  Select clean OS Install or factory reset and click Continue.
  5.  The unit will now begin recovery with a status indicator of progress.
  6.  When recovery is complete, click finish and then remove the USB from the unit. Windows will load up automatically from here.

NOTE: Upon opening Command Station for the first time, you will be prompted to set a password for the admin user. This will need to be done before any other configurations. This admin user is attached to the program itself and does not affect web services log ins.

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