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How Do I Fix a 502 Error?

Most often, a 502 bad gateway error is related to a NVR, Workstation PC, or the site network configuration, and it is usually only seen in a web browser page as you attempt to connect to a site. There are, however, a few things you can try to narrow it down to the likely cause. Try these troubleshooting ideas in order because you might be able to resolve the problem without needing to get the IT Department involved.

  1. Refresh the page – Click the refresh button in your browser window or press F5 on your keyboard. If you get lucky, this will solve the problem so you can get back to the task at hand.

  2. Start a new browser session – When starting a new session, simply close all open browser windows and then open a new one. Or open an incognito tab in your browser.

  3. Restart your equipment – Sometimes a restart of the PC is all it takes to get things back to normal. Be sure to also reboot your NVR & other networking equipment such as your network switch, router, & modem.

  4. Clear your cache and cookies – If you previously visited a website with a 502 error and Refreshed the page but are sill unable to connect, clearing your cache and cookies is a smart idea. Keep in mind that cookies keep track of where you’ve been on a website for faster loading of a browser page. If the IP address of the NVR has recently changed, your browser may be looking to connect to the prior address of the NVR and will fail with the 502 error.

  5. Change your DNS server – You might have the default servers assigned by your ISP or Network equipment. You may not have a DNS server entered in the Client Network Adapter settings of the NVR. Try using open DNS servers such as Googles Public DNS

  6. Contact the website administrator or your ISP – Notifying the right people can make a difference especially if they’re unaware of the problem.

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