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BIOS Hot Key List

How to get into the BIOS or Boot Manager

To enter the BIOS or Boot Manager on an OpenEye Apex unit, first restart the recorder. As the recorder starts the boot process, repeatedly hit the corresponding hotkey for either the BIOS or Boot Manager. Below is a list of hotkeys per model:

Radius Conversion/MR (Supermicro X10SLQ & X11SSV-Q Motherboards)

  • Del: BIOS
  • F11: Boot Menu
  • F8: Safe Mode Selection Menu


  • F2 or Del: BIOS
  • F12: Boot menu
  • Esc: Recovery partition

MM/MH/MK/MG/ML/MT (Gigabyte Motherboard)

  • Del: BIOS
  • F12: Boot Menu
  • Esc: Recovery Partition (Linux OS only)


  • F5: Recovery
  • F7: Boot Menu


  • Esc: BIOS setup and Boot Menu
  • Esc (After exiting BIOS): Recovery Partition
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