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Avoiding IP Conflicts with Internal POE Network

Why Do OpenEye Recorders Have Reserved Internal IP Address Ranges? 

OpenEye recorders with onboard power-over-ethernet operate with reserved internal IP addresses for the plug-and-play feature to properly discover and connect to cameras directly wired to that recorder’s onboard PoE switch.

These reserved IP addresses make the plug-and-play process very simple for OpenEye cameras but will cause connection issues when the recorder Client adapter is assigned a conflicting IP address.

NOTE: Because of this, we recommend not assigning a recorder an IP address in the same range as its own PoE switch.  

List of Recorder Models and Their Reserved IP Address Ranges:
  • OE-ME = 192.168.50.x 
  • OE-MD = 192.168.51.x 
  • OE-MV = 192.168.50.x 
  • OE-ML = 192.168.50.x 

“x” indicates that any valid IP address value entered in this space of the IP address will land in the reserved IP address range for that model of recorder. 

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