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Why Do I Not See My Recorder in OWS?


  • A reminder that OWS uses User Groups to allow access to recorders, not individual users.
  • Users must be in a group that has access to recorders for them to be visible when logged into OWS.
  • Both the Recorder Access permission in Web Services Permissions must be enabled, and the recorders or recorder group must be added to the user group under Recorders / Cameras.

Enable the Recorder Access Permission

Select the group in which you want to enable access to the recorder. Travel to Management > User Management > User Groups in the OWS Cloud Portal. Once the User Groups list is displayed, click Edit next to the desired User Group.

If the User Group is not already created, follow the steps outlined here: How to Add Users and User Groups.

Within the User Group Settings menu, select the Web Services Permissions from the left-hand menu.

Check the box for Recorder Access under Recorders.

View more details on Web Services and other User Group Permissions.

Add Recorders or Cameras to the User Group
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