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How Do I Clone a User Group in OpenEye Web Services?

Navigate to User Groups

To clone a user group in OpenEye Web Services (OWS):

  1. Go to Management > User Management > User Groups.

Management User Groups dropdown.png

  1. Click Edit Edit button.png next to the User Group you want to clone.
  2. Click the General Info tab. General Info tab.png
Clone User Group
  1. Click Clone Clone Button.png.

CP User Group Permissions Clone User Group.png

  1. Enter Name and Description.

NOTE: The cloned User Group must be given a unique name.

  1. Check which options from the original User Group you want to copy to the clone.
  2. Click Create.

The cloned User Group will appear in the User Groups list.

NOTE: The built-in Administrator, Super User, and User groups cannot be cloned.

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