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How are Available Licenses Assigned to Recorders in Subscription Management?

Assigning Licenses
  • When licenses are assigned to a recorder, they will be pulled from the currently unassigned licenses within the bucket of available licenses.
    • Unassigning from a recorder puts those licenses back into the bucket.
Deleting Licenses
  • When deleting licenses, the licenses purchased most recently will be removed first.
    • Removing licenses will discontinue charges associated with those licenses.
Licenses in OWS

Assign licenses to recorders associated with the Channel Partner account.

  1. Click Manage Licenses.

Manage Licenses button.png

  1. Enter the total number of licenses, then Add Licenses or Remove Licenses.

Manage Licenses Total and New Popup.png

  1. Click Next.

Next Button.png

  1. Click Confirm to make the change made to the Recording Licenses.

Manage Licenses Add Licenses.png

NOTE: Click Edit Edit Button.png on a recorder to apply the New Licenses assigned to the device and refresh the page to view the assigned licence count.

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