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Power of the Cloud

Integrators and end-users alike recognize the benefits and flexibility that cloud-managed video provides by streamlining daily operations, improving cybersecurity, and creating more accurate and actionable business intelligence. In the past, these benefits were only available to companies that could afford complex custom integration, costly localized servers, and well-paid network engineers. Now the power of the cloud offers this same intelligence to businesses at a fraction of the cost.

OpenEye Web Services gives you the tools and features you need to deploy our best-in-class, cloud-managed video surveillance solution without compromising the security of your network, customers, employees or processes.  With no open inbound ports, multi-factor authentication, encrypted communication, single sign-on and centralized user management, our cloud-managed platform makes it easier for you to access and use video intelligence as a business tool while seamlessly integrating OWS with your existing IT infrastructure to improve cybersecurity and reduce risk.

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Intelligent Alerting-Engine

OpenEye Web Services gives you actionable intelligence to help you run your business more efficiently. The OWS cloud allows you to conveniently manage alerts and reports from a centralized portal for all your users and systems. Event data generated by motion, alarm panels, access control systems, video analytics, and sensors is stored in the cloud where its strengths for data analysis can be leveraged to process large amounts of data to uncover new insights.

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Business Intelligence

Use the power of the cloud to increase business intelligence with custom reports, cloud-based video sharing and real-time alerts. Improve collaboration by exporting video clips to the cloud and sharing with other users. Create and schedule reports to be sent to recipients on a recurring basis or program alerts to be pushed to users' mobile devices or email. All managed through the OWS cloud.

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Streamline Operations

OWS cloud-managed video reduces overhead for IT and Operations by minimizing on-site service calls and eliminating recursive tasks like updating forgotten user passwords or entering remote connection settings. Designed to be managed entirely remotely, OWS moves functions like clip sharing, health monitoring and user management to the cloud, saving time-consuming travel between remote sites.

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