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Introduction to OpenEye Web Services

Achieve a greater return on your investment with an online video management platform that increases business intelligence, improves operational efficiency and drives value across your entire organization.



    Make intelligent decisions for your business

    OpenEye Web Services gives you actionable intelligence to help you run your business more efficiently. Receive alerts with video verification on events generated by motion, alarm panels, access control systems, video analytics, and sensors installed in key areas so you can take appropriate action in real-time.

    Complete remote administration saves you time and money

    OpenEye Web Services streamlines management of recorders, users and permissions by moving them to the cloud. Changes are instantly pushed to all users, clients, and associated devices and with groups making managing large numbers of users and devices simple and pain free.

    Integrates with all your systems

    OpenEye Web Services is an open ecosystem so you can use your existing IP cameras as well as integrate with your access control, intrusion and point of sale systems. Combining these data points to create alerts with video verification and provide more actionable intelligence to secure and support your business. 

    Enhanced infrastructure for cybersecurity

    OpenEye Web Services (OWS) improves cybersecurity and reduces risk for organizations of all sizes through its security focused system design and powerful suite of features which help implement and enforce security best practices. We give you the tools needed to effectively integrate our cloud-managed video surveillance solution into your existing IT and security infrastructure. OWS allows you to deploy a best-in-class, video surveillance solution without compromising the security of your network, customers, employees, or processes.

    The convenience and flexibility of the cloud with the performance and reliability of local recording

    OpenEye Web Services is a scalable and secure video surveillance solution that simplifies operations and management by moving these functions to the cloud. Combining the performance and reliability of local recording with the convenience and flexibility of the cloud, OWS produces a greater return on your investment, saves you time, and provides an easier, more secure surveillance solution.


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