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Analytics in OpenEye Web Services

Advanced Video Analytics for Greater Insights

With motion, person, vehicle, line-crossing, loitering, and intrusion detection technology, OpenEye Web Services (OWS) quickly and accurately identifies and tracks movement within your property. OpenEye's video security analytics provide businesses and organizations with advanced intelligence to help them better manage and secure their facilities.

Native Analytics

OWS distinguishes between different types of motion to gain greater insight into what's happening in and around your premises with analytics-enabled motion detection. Best of all, enabled on the recorder, OpenEye's native analytics will work with existing cameras, eliminating the need for a costly camera upgrade.

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Edge Analytics

Deploy OpenEye's family of analytics-enabled cameras or leverage existing third-party cameras with analytics to receive real-time alerts and streamline video event search. With analytic event processing being performed by the camera hardware, users can deploy analytics across the full range of OpenEye recorders without concern for increased system load or recorder performance.

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