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Thumbnail Search in the Web Client

NOTE: The following information is for Thumbnail Search available after connecting to a recorder via Web Connect (or the Apex Web Client). View search details here for the Cloud Video Player under the Video tab in OWS.

Thumbnail search is ideal for viewing before and after comparisons at user-determined intervals. This search can help a user narrow down a time period during which something changed in the scene, such as vandalism or theft.

Thumbnail Search Bar Playback Controls

The Thumbnail Search bar displays the number of thumbnails displayed in the Viewing Pane, the Time Range interval between the first and last thumbnail, and the overall Video Interval.

Web Client Thumbnail Search Control Panel.png

Playback Controls

Number of Thumbnails: Select the number of thumbnails distributed across the Time Range

Time Range: Select the time interval between the first and last thumbnail

On-Screen Display Toggle: Toggle the on-screen display on or off during search

Video Interval: Displays the exact start and end time for the designated interval

Thumbnail Search Date Picker: Click to open the calendar display tool for choosing Thumbnail

Perform a Thumbnail Search

NOTE: Thumbnail searches allows for only one camera displayed at a time.

1. Select a camera from the Camera List.

2. Select a Date from the Thumbnail Search Date Picker.

On the Thumbnail Search Bar, click the Thumbnail Search Date Picker.

Select the desired Date and Time, then Select, and then the thumbnails will update automatically.

3. Select the Number of Thumbnails, the Time Range, and turn the OSD On/Off as desired.

NOTE: The combination of thumbnail quantity and time range will determine the time interval between each snapshot displayed. For example, 25 thumbnails in a 24-hour time range will result in 1-hour time intervals between displayed pictures.

4. Left-click on the desired thumbnail to narrow the time interval, opening new thumbnails.

NOTE: When the thumbnail is narrowed to the smallest time interval, left-clicking again will begin recorded video playback in the Timeline Search Screen.

5. Right-click the desired thumbnail to expand the time interval, opening new thumbnails.

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