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Object Search in the Web Client

NOTE: The following information is for Object Search available after connecting to a recorder via Web Connect (or the Apex Web Client). View search details here for the Cloud Video Player under the Video tab in OWS.

Object Search 

Object Search allows you to look for object motion in recorded video. By defining the region and the timeframe, you can derive object motion activity for a defined time period.

NOTE: Object Search allows you to search within a 24 hour time period.

Object Search Controls

Display As: Display search results as thumbnails or as a list.

Columns: Display thumbnail results in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 columns.

Image Offset: Change time of display results between -4 seconds and 4 seconds.

OSD: Turn On Screen Display information On or Off.

Perform an Object Search

1. Under Cameras, select a camera that displays the object to search.

2. Draw an Object Search Region in the Preview Window:

Left-click and drag to create a rectangular Object Search Region

Left-click, release, and move to draw a custom polygonal shape one line at a time. Draw and click the last line to the starting point to complete the Object Search Region.

Right-click to clear a shape.

Object Search Polygonal Shape Draw.png

3. Under Date / Time, select the Start, End and Sensitivity for the search.

4. Click Search to apply the filters.

5. Click an Event result to preview.

6. Click the image or Play video to review this video in Timeline Search.

NOTE: Hitting the back button on the browser in timeline search will load the previous event search results when switching between the two.

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