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Cloud Camera Add Device Wizard

The QR codes provided on OpenEye cloud cameras and the camera boxes are used to add the cameras to OpenEye Web Services through the Add Device Wizard.
Adding a New Cloud Camera with Add Device Wizard

NOTE: If the camera QR code is inaccessible after installation, scan the QR code label found on the box.

  1. Scan the QR code found on both the camera and on the camera box to launch the Add Device Wizard. 

 Add Device Wizard Scan QR Code.png

  1. Click Log In.

Add Device Wizard Login or Activate.png

  1. Enter your OWS Username / Email and Password, and click Log In.

Add Device Wizard Login.png

  1. Enter a name for the cloud camera.

Add Device Wizard Name Device.png

After naming the camera, select Add to an existing Location, Create a New Location, or Enter a Location Registration Code.

Add to an Existing Location

If there is already an existing Location for the cloud camera:

  1. Click Add to an existing Location after naming the camera.

Add Device Wizard Add to Existing Location.png

  1. Select the location from the list.

NOTE: If you can't see the Location in the list, click Search and enter the location name. 

  1. Click Add Camera.
Create a New Location

If there isn't an existing location for the cloud camera:

  1.  Click Create a New Location after naming the camera. 

Add Device Wizard New Location.png

  1. Enter a Location Name, select a Time Zone Region and Time Zone from the dropdowns. 
  2. Click Add Camera.
Add by Location Registration Code

You can use a Location Registration Code before logging in or after naming the camera.

  1. Click Add by Location Registration Code at the Log In screen, or click Enter a Location Registration Code after entering a camera name.

Add Device Wizard Add w Registration.png

  1. Enter the Location Registration Code.

NOTE: The Location Registration Code can be found on the OpenEye Web Services Web Connect page or Locations > General Info.

  1. Click Add Camera.

After adding a cloud camera, it can be found as a device in Management > Locations > Locations.

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