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Why Do My Cameras Not Connect?

When installing cameras to a new recorder, you may run into a situation where the recorder cannot find the cameras. This is usually due to two categories of issues: network issues and physical issues. This FAQ will go over both categories.

Network Issues
  • Camera on a different IP or subnet (How to ensure your camera is on the same subnet)
    • For the recorder to effectively communicate with a camera, the camera needs to be on the same subnet as the adapter it uses.
    • For recorders with built-in PoEs, the subnet of the built-in PoE adapter varies depending on the model. Consult the corresponding Quick Start Guide for more information.
    • For recorder models with camera adapters, the default IP address is This can be changed within the NVR software.
    • To Fix: Change the IP of the camera to one that can be accessed by the recorder.
  •  Multiple Cameras in IP Conflict
    • By default, OpenEye cameras set themselves to if they do not receive a DHCP address.
    • Adding multiple OpenEye cameras to a switch without setting up their IP addresses will result in an IP conflict.
    • To Fix: Use the DHCP service and set the camera(s) to static.
  • Camera is not ONVIF compatible
    • Some third-party cameras need to have ONVIF set up before they can be added to the recorder.
    • To Fix: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on enabling ONVIF.
Physical Issues
  • Cabling issues
    • If a cable issue is suspected, troubleshoot by acquiring a pre-made patch cable and testing the camera at either the recorder or the switch.
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