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How to ensure your camera is on the same subnet

To properly discover and add cameras, the recorder and camera need to be on the correct subnets.

What is a subnet?

A subnet, also known as a sub-network, is a logical guide for a network. A subnet determines where a device is allowed to make connections. Devices with incompatible subnets cannot communicate as the conflicting subnets will not be able to access to each other.

The subnet is determined by the subnet mask, which breaks down the IP address into a network ID and a host ID. How they are arranged determines what parts of the IP address is the network ID or the host ID.

For most camera networks, the recommended subnet mask is This subnet mask limits communication to only the last octet, for example a range of


The subnet mask is specified in the device network settings. This is an example of what the settings look like in one of our cameras with an IP address of “” and a subnet mask of “”. In this example, the camera can be accessed by any recorder with an IP following the 192.168.51.x scheme.

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