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How Do I Enable BNC on My IP Camera?

Some cameras have the option to send analog video over a BNC connection.

Here are some example models: OE-C8213, OE-C7624-AWR, OE-C7564-AWR, OE-C7098-AWR, OE-C7094-AWR, OE-C6123-W.

Access Camera UI

This function is enabled by setting the stream options. You can do this in the camera UI using Camera Link.

  1. Click Setup (Gear Icon). clipboard_e42c73e33cb1ca77feb3c2c1180c37adc.png
  2. Under General Configuration, navigate to the Cameras menu.
  3. Select a camera by clicking on it.
  4. Click the Live / Recording tab.
  5. Click Connect Directly to Camera.


Enable BNC

To enable BNC, you will need to edit the streams.

The following settings will allow enabling the BNC option: H264+H264 / MJPEG / H264 

For example, if you enable the streams as [H264+H264+H264] or [H264 + MJPEG], the option to enable BNC will not be available.

Example without BNC option

Example without BNC Option

Example with BNC option