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OWS Video Player Timeout

Relay Connections

OWS video player connects only through the encrypted relay service, other connection types are not supported at this time. All relay connections are subject to the inactivity time out. This ensures that inactive connections are not using resources and provides a better environment for all users.

Direct Connection

There are some remote viewing options that are not dependent on the network relay. Live view can be used through the cloud service. If this is done using a direct connection, there will be no issues with the relay timeout. The instructions for this process can be found in the How to Setup a Direct Connection to Your Recorder article.


Using the Command Station software is another way to view live feeds without having to worry about the relay timeout. This is a standalone application that connects to the recorder and provides a robust set of features. The Command Station software will need to be installed on the computer that is going to be used to access the recorder, the software and system requirements can be found here. Once installed the recorder will need to be added using the instructions in the Recorder Setup for Command Station Desktop Client article.

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