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How to Convert a Temporary License to a Permanent License on a Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Converting a License in the NVR

To convert a demo, pilot, or other temporary licenses to permanent, a purchase order must be placed with OpenEye. Upon receiving a valid purchase order, the OpenEye Processing Team will generate an automated email that contains the serial number.

After you receive the email with the serial number, the recorder serial number must be editing and the purchased serial number entered:

  1. Connect to the recorder, then click the Setup gear Options Gear.png in the upper right.
  2. Click System Settings in the left menu.
  3. Click the Licensing tab.

Console Licensing tab.png

  1. For the Recorder Serial Number, click the Edit button on the right.

Licensing tab Recorder Serial Number.png

  1. Input the new serial number sent out on the purchased license email, then click Next.

Recorder Serial Number Entry.png

Manual Activation of License

  1. Open the Product Activation page.

Product Activation page.png


  1. Enter the Recorder Serial Number and click Next. This will list the Serial Number of license(s) currently tied to the recorder.

Product Activation System Serial Number.png 


  1. Check the box next to the license Serial Number, enter the System ID, and click Register. This will generate the unlock code.

Product Activation Serial Number checkbox.png

  1. Enter the unlock code and serial number on the add license page to complete the registration. Confirm the licenses have been unlocked by checking the Licenses Available.

Licensing tab Cameras.png

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