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How to Manually Register an OWS License

OWS License Manual Registration

Below you'll find the steps to manually register your OWS license. This may be needed if your recorder does not have an active internet connection or if the refresh button does not automatically pull down the proper licenses for any reason. 

  1. In Setup Options Gear.png, navigate to the Licensing tab by clicking General Configuration > System Settings > Licensing tab.

  1. Note the Recorder Serial Number found on the right-hand side as well as the System ID.


  1. From a computer with internet access, browse to  

  1. Type in the recorder serial number you noted from Step 2 and click Next.

  1. Fill in the System ID, check the box next to the license(s) you wish to register, and click Register.

  1. Take note of the license Serial Number and the Unlock Code provided.


  1. From the Licensing tab in recorder setup, click Add New License, select Manual registration and click Next.

  1. Type in the License Serial Number and Unlock Code from step 6 and click Next.

After completing step 8, your licenses should appear on the Licensing tab and your Licenses Available value in the upper right should increase accordingly.

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