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How Do I Create an Alert for Thermal Cameras?

OWS users can add thermal cameras to their OpenEye system to record both thermal and standard video and configure physical or ONVIF alert relay outputs from the cameras to trigger alerts. With OWS, you have the ability to view the camera and thermal image simultaneously for live monitoring and alert notifications. Create response workflows for when an employee or customer with an elevated skin temperature is detected. Receive alerts via mobile or client push notifications for immediate action or for further diagnosis. Through the OWS multi-factor alert rules engine, you can ensure that your team is notified only when needed.

Creating an Analytics Alert Rule

OWS integrates with cameras that can be natively configured for thermal detection. Check with the documentation provided by the camera manufacturer to configure cameras to detect temperature before creating an alert in OWS.

To create a Thermal Event Detected Alert Rule, follow the instructions under Analytics and Analytics Queue Alert Rules.

View Thermal Events

Search for the Event Type 'Thermal Event Detected' in Alerts > Alerts History. 

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