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Benefits of Using OWS Relay

What is a Relay Connection?

Relay servers are a group of interconnected servers which work together to pass data between two endpoints. The Relay servers provide a singular source for all recorders to continually communicate with. These servers also act as a central point for all logins authenticate against and ultimately provide the designated access to your Cloud-Connected equipment.

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What are the benefits of a Relay Connection?
  • With a Relay connection, your recorder keeps an active connection to our relay servers, without the use of direct connect and port forwarding.

Video Relay Services

  • By using an outbound trusted connection, OWS enables remote connectivity without the increased risk of port forwarding or punching holes in your firewall.
Cyber Security

OpenEye Web Services gives you the tools and features you need to deploy our best-in-class, cloud-managed video surveillance solution without compromising the security of your network, customers, employees or processes.  With no open inbound ports, multi-factor authentication, encrypted communication, single sign-on and centralized user management, our cloud-managed platform makes it easier for you to access and use video intelligence as a business tool while seamlessly integrating OWS with your existing IT infrastructure to improve cybersecurity and reduce risk.

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