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How to Install a OSP Patch

Installing an OSP With a USB Device
  1. Download the OSP file from the OpenEye website or your provided link.

  2. Copy the OSP file to a USB drive.

  3. Insert the USB drive into the recorder.

  4. Log into the recorder using your administrator credentials.

  5. Navigate to the Software Upgrade menu within System Settings.
    select file.png

  6. Click on Show More Options.

  7. Select Select File > + Select File.

  8. The recorder will automatically detect the OSP file on your USB drive. Click on the file and proceed with installation.

  9. The recorder will install the OSP patch.

NOTE: Do not power off the recorder or remove the USB drive during this process.

Installing an OSP Using Specify URL
  1. Connect to the recorder through OWS or log in at the console.

  2. Click the Setup (gear) icon in the upper right menu bar.

  3. Under General Configuration, click System Settings.

  4. Select the Software Upgrade tab and then click Show More Options.

  5. Select the Specify URL radio button.

  6. Paste the below URL for the OSP update into the text box.

  7. After the Update Complete window appears, click OK.

  8. The recorder will install the OSP patch.

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