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OpenEye Knowledge Base

When to Default a Camera (Factory or Partial Default)

Reason to Default

Defaulting a camera can be used when the password has been lost or when troubleshooting poor camera performance.

Factory Default 

A factory default would be used to revert a camera back to its factory state including resetting the user and network settings.

  • This can be done physically as well. Directions can be found in the cameras quick start guide or manual. 

  • This can be done if the user settings or IP address of the camera needs to be reset. 

Partial Default 

A Partial Default would be used when troubleshooting if a cameras settings are preventing or altering its ability to stream video.

  • This will be done in the cameras settings usually in the maintenance tab

  • A Partial Default wont reset the cameras network and password information.

  • This can be done when troubleshooting camera issues such as camera quality and performance.