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What Terminations are used with OpenEye Cameras

Our product line of cameras use a standard RJ45 female receptacle. OpenEye systems typically come with T-568B terminations.

This article refers to the RJ45 connections used for interconnections between devices. This is an industry standard for network connectivity of various network hardware. There are two types of wiring standards for this type of connection, EIA/TIA industry standard for 568 A and B. If the first and second pin are orange, the cable is 568B. If the first and second pins are green, the cable is 568A. If one end of the cable is A and the other end is B then you now have a cross-over.

OpenEye equipment should be connected with a standard A or B straight through cable connection. A crossover type of connection should not be used to prevent possible damage to equipment that uses Power Over Ethernet protocol.

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