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How to Replace a Camera on a Recorder

Replacing a Camera
Disabling the Old Camera
  1. Go into the Setup Options Gear.png menu.
  2. Select the Cameras option on the side menu.
  3. Select the camera from the list.
  4. Use the dropdown to change the state of the camera from Enabled to Disabled.

Camera State Disabled Dropdown.png

Manually Adding a New Camera

Follow instructions for Adding Cameras Manually to add the replacement camera to the recorder.

Associating Cameras
  1. Once added, select the new camera and click the Associate Camera button.

NOTE: This will tie the old footage with the new camera.

Cameras General tab Associate Camera.png

General tab Associate Camera Popup.png

  1. On the Associate Camera pop-up for Merge this camera, select the new camera you just added selected.
  2. Select the original camera that is disabled under the Into this camera field.
  3. If you have recordings from the new camera that overlap with the camera you are replacing, you can check the Save current recorded video for this camera.

NOTE: This will generate a new disabled camera entry that will have all the recorded video from that new camera before it was merged.

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