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Upcoming User Group Permissions Changes




Below you'll find the details on the significant enhancements planned for the OpenEye Web Services’ permission structure. These updates are designed to bolster security, streamline administrator controls, and enhance overall usability.

In an effort to simplify and streamline permissions, we will consolidate Recorder Permissions and Remote Client Permissions with Web Services Permissions in User Groups.

Changes to Remote Client Permissions
  1. Remote Client Permissions will be grouped under Client Access in Web Services Permissions. The Client Access permissions will be updated to manage device permissions per Location, in addition to OWS access.
  2. A new permission named Full Client Access will have a toggle option to simplify granting all Client Access permissions.
Changes to Recorder Permissions
  1. These Recorder Permissions will be moved to a new Manage Devices section in Web Services Permissions:
  • Manage System Settings
  • Manage Sensor / Relay Settings
  • Access Power Options
  • Access Device Reset Options
  • Manage Cameras Settings
  • Set PTZ Presets
  • Manage Software Upgrade
  1. Several Recorder Permissions will be merged into, and will now be granted with, the Manage System Settings permission:
  • Access Support Tools
  • Manage Intrusion Devices
  • Manage Licensing
  • Manage Macros
  • Manage Schedules
  • Manage Holidays
  • Manage Network Configuration
  • Manage Spot Monitor
  • Manage Storage Settings
  • Manage System Logs
  1. These Recorder Permissions will be moved to different sections, merged to create a new permission, or consolidated into existing permissions:
  • System User Management and it's child permissions, Manage Roles, and Manage System Users will be merged into, and will now be granted with the OWS permission, Manage Users and User Groups.
  • Several Recorder Permissions will be moved to Web Services Permissions > Client Access and updated to apply to each Client:
    • View Live Video
    • View Recorded Video
    • Listen To Audio
    • Two-Way Audio
    • Camera Controls
      • This will be a new permission created by combining Control PTZ and Auto Focus.
    • Activate Relay
  1. The Manage Web Services Registration permission will be consumed by, and will be granted with, the Web Services permission Manage Locations and Location Groups.
Changes to Web Services Permissions
  1. UI will be updated for simplified permissions management.
  2. An Administrator role will be added with access to a toggle switch for each permission type section to easily grant all permissions in that section.
  3. The Location Device Access permission will be eliminated. This permission will be granted implicitly to all users. Device access will be managed using the Client Access permissions going forward.
  4. The Report Administrator permission will allow users to View/Manage Reports to which they have not been added.
  5. The Alert Administrator permission will allow users to View/Manage Alert Rules to which they have not been added.
Changes to Channel Partner-level permissions
  1. Web Services Permissions:
  • A Point of Sale section will be added:
    • Configure Point of Sale Options and Search Point of Sale Data will be moved to this section.
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