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How to View User Activity

How to View User Activity

Apex and OWS provide several methods of viewing when a user has connected to a specific recorder, the remote client used to connect, how many times a user has connected to a recorder and when a user last signed into OWS.

User Management

User Management

  • From the User Management menu you can see user information, such as when the user was created and the last time the user logged in.
    • This does not indicate which NVR they logged into or what account, but it does confirm they logged into the OWS platform.




  • From the System Summary report at the EU(Blue) Level you can click on the Remote Connections graph to get a deeper view of users that have logged and isolate it down to Year, Month and even Day.



  • Selecting the user gives granular data as to what client the user connected with.
    • Mobile (iOS)
    • Mobile (Android)
    • Console
    • Command Station
    • OWS


NVR Logs
  • Once connected to a NVR from OWS, you can navigate to the Logs in Setup and see a quick overview of who has logged into this NVR and the client used as well.


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