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How to grant QSRSoft access to your OWS Account

To integrate with OpenEye Web Services, QSRSoft requires a service account to be created at the Channel Partner layer, the Tenant ID for your Channel Partner account, a Location ID added to each recorder to be used, and the Tenant ID for the customer's company. Please follow these steps to set up the integration:

Create the QSRSoft Service Account User Group

1. User Groups can be created from Management > User Management > User Groups.

EU User Groups Add New User Group.png

  1. Click Add New User Group.

  1. Enter the Name QSRSoft and any Description for the new User Group.


  1. Click Create.
  2. Click Channel Partner Permissions
  3. Uncheck the View Reports and View Alerts permissions. clipboard_e67c090f33a092054734559e94f1c9619.png
  4. Click Account Access
  5. Click Add Account
  6. Select the accounts that you would like to give QSRSoft access to and click Add.clipboard_e2d09aeaf49e02d5afead719d3385d4d6.png
  7. Click Web Services Permissions.
  8. Select Recorder Access and click Save.clipboard_eaedff8124e44ee48687650939fcceae2.png
  9. Click Remote Client Permissions.clipboard_e70bf06eb6756435b6246a878b5a76392.png
  10. Uncheck Push to Client, Allow users to connect to recorders on the Local Console, and Allow users to connect to recorders using Mobile Applications and click Save.
  11. Click Recorder Permissions.
  12. Select View Live Video and View Recorded Video check boxes, and click Save.
  13. Click Video Export / Video Clips.
  14. Select Export Video to Web Services and click Save.
Creating the QSRSoft User 
  1. You will need to create a valid email address within your organization that you will provide to QSRSoft. QSRSoft will use that email address to access OWS.
  2. Users can be added from Management > User Management > User Group.
  3. Click Add New User.

Add New User Button.png

  1. Enter a desired First Name and Last Name.
  2. Enter the Email Address you created in step 1.
  3. Use the Add User to Group dropdown menu to assign the new user to the QSRSoft user group.


  1. Click Add New User after the required fields are entered.
  2. An Activation Email will then be sent to the Email Address you entered. Click on the Activation Link contained within that email.
  3. Set a password on the account.
  4. Contact your QSRSoft representative and provide them the Email Address and Password you created.
Finding the Tenant ID
  1. At the Channel Partner layer of your account, check the URL bar at the top. The Tenant ID is the series of six letters and numbers preceded by cm=clipboard_e0a4798aea9533267556af8b274fed520.png
Adding a Location ID to a Recorder
  1. Open the End User account with the recorders that QSRSoft will access.clipboard_e5a163f9efe9a3afcf2e4678840b3e65c.png
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Select Recorders, then click Recorders.clipboard_e2844d93adc8b4ff5a24eaafa2a6e7439.png
  4. Click Edit on the recorder you want QSRSoft to access.
  5. In the Location ID field, enter any alphanumeric value that you would like to use. Make sure to note the ID and provide it to QSRSoft.clipboard_e3d08dafb7b2f54138c6f16caa0d7d70c.png
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