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Recorder Management in OWS

Recorder List

The Recorder List can be accessed by selecting Recorders from the Management > Recorders menu. This page displays a list of recorders associated with the Customer Account.

OWS Recorder List.png

If a software update is available, an Install feature will appear under Version Available. View details here.

If a recorder is out of service, it will appear in a faded red color and display a caution symbol next to the name.

OWS Offline Recorder.png

NOTE: For a recorder to display as Out of Service in Web Connect, System Summary Reports, and Inventory Reports, an option must be enabled in the General Info tab. For more information, see Display Out of Service Recorders

NOTE: You can customize the table. See Table Functionality for more information.

If a user has appropriate permissions, they can modify a recorder’s General Info and Remote Network Settings by clicking Edit. A user may also check the status of cameras integrated with the recorder by clicking on Edit, then Cameras.

User Group Permissions

Give Recorder Access to User Groups or permission to Manage Recorder and Recorder Groups under Web Services Permissions.

Recorder Groups

Leverage Recorder Groups to further simplify the management of your system. Recorder Groups can be accessed by selecting Recorder Groups from the Management > Recorders dropdown menu. This page displays a list of recorder groups associated with the Customer Account. Creating recorder groups and assigning users to them is typically more efficient than assigning users to each recorder one at a time.

Add a Recorder or Recorder Group to a User Group here.

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