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Display Out of Service Locations

Locations that are deleted can still have location data saved. These locations are "Out of Service" and do not appear in the Locations list unless the option to Display Out of Service locations is enabled.

Save Data from Deleted Locations
  1. Go to Management > Locations > Locations.

Location General Info.png

  1. Click on the Location to view General Info.
  2. Click Delete Location.
  3. Select Save.
  4. Enter your password and click DELETE.

Locations Confirm Deletion popup.png

Enable Out of Service Locations
  1. Go to Management > Locations > Locations.

 Management dropdown Locations Locations.png

Locations menu.png

  1. Click on the three dots 3 Dot Menu.png next to a location and click Show Out of Service.

Show Out of Service kebob menu.png

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