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Why can I no longer access the RMA portal or my RMA paperwork

The most common reason for being unable to log into the RMA portal is that the paperwork for the RMA has been finalized. Once an RMA has been marked finalized, the link and password are disabled, and the RMA is sent in for processing.

However, if one tries to log into the RMA portal after the RMA is finalized, it will not show a message saying that the RMA is finalized. Instead, this message will display in the password field:

Less commonly, the link and password to the RMA portal may have been updated. If this is the case, an email with the new link and password would be sent to the billing contact’s email address. If needed, OpenEye Technical Support can supply the new link and password.
If this is the case, an invalid link error will display when logging in, or the error may be the same as the above screenshot.

Lastly, if the RMA has been cancelled, you will no longer be able to log in. Contact OpenEye Technical Support to set up a new RMA, if needed.



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