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What types of payments can I provide for my RMA security deposit?

Three options are provided to submit an RMA security deposit. These options will depend on your billing status on file.

Credit Card
  • All customers have an option to use a credit card. This can be entered into the online RMA portal at the time the RMA paperwork is completed.
Net Terms
  • Customers set up Net terms with our finance department. When Net terms are set up, a customer can provide a line item, itemized PO for the exact dollar amount of the requested RMA security deposit. This must be on the customer’s letterhead and PDF format is preferred. This can be uploaded through our online RMA portal when the RMA paperwork is completed.
  • Customers who do not have net terms may not submit a PO.
Open PO
  • Alternatively, customers can request to set up an Open PO using either a credit card on file with our finance department or if they already have net terms, they may submit a blank PO.
  • Customers who do not have a credit card on file or a blank PO on file may not use the Open PO option.


Failure to select the correct payment method may result in delays processing your RMA.

If you are unsure of your payment options, please contact our technical support team or ask the support agent to set up the RMA paperwork for you.



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