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What types of RMAs does OpenEye offer

 Openeye offers the following 9 RMA types.  Each RMA type serves a specific purpose as noted in the far right column of the chart below.  

RMA Type: 

RMA Description: 

Accessory Item 

Used for non-inventoried items 

  • Cables 

  • Repair Media 

  • Domes 


Used for credit and refunds 

  • New equipment 

  • Handled by Inside Sales 


Does not require an RMA security deposit 

  • Will ship when we receive the defective product 

Exchange Component(s) 

In Warranty Component  

  • HDD’s 

  • Power Supply 

 Exchange for Different Model  

In Warranty Model Exchange 

  • Incorrectly ordered or processed items 

OOW Component 

Out of Warranty Component 

  • HDD’s 

  • Power Supply 

Replace for Same Model (Advance Replacement) 

Advance Replacement 

  • Cameras 

  • Recorders 


Used for in house RMA Repairs 

  • Mother boards 

  • Un-diagnosed units 


Used for in the field and in house upgrades 

  • OS upgrades 

  • HDD upgrades 



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