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OpenEye Knowledge Base

Channel Partner Resources for Customers

Customer Resources

The following resources are compiled here to help OpenEye Channel Partners better support their customers. 

End User or Customer Videos

We would encourage you to share the OpenEye Knowledge Base with your customers. Beyond the information you'll find here, you'll also see videos throughout the Knowledge Base that were created with the end user experience in mind. 

Here are some places to start:

End User Training Path 

Looking for customer (or end user) training? View or share the end user training path for an overview of OWS and some of its key features.

Recorded End User Demo

We've added pre-recorded OpenEye demos within the OpenEye Training Portal under Sales and Customer TrainingUse this as a training tool for your sales team as they prepare for their own customer demos.

Looking for more? 

Reach out to the OpenEye team if looking for specific resources for your team. Email with any and all requests.

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