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What Standard Maintenance Should Be Performed On My Recorder?

Updating Software

It is recommended to perform regular software updates to ensure you have the most recent version of Apex software available. New software updates contain important bug and issue fixes as well as security and performance updates. 

It is recommended to perform regular updates of the Linux OS (Operating System) and running windows updates if you have a Windows based recorder. 


Rebooting of the device can help prevent random errors and in some cases may prevent issues that cause loss of footage and connectivity. Rebooting the recorder at least once a month, or as often as applicable/needed, can help prevent this. This can be performed in the Power Options section of the Setup menu.

Physical Maintenance

Ensuring that the recorder has proper ventilation and nothing is obstructing any exterior case fans can prevent hardware issues and increase the longevity of the recorder. If the recorder is located in a particularly dusty or dirty area, it may be prudent to clean the dust from inside of the recorder with compressed air. 

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