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How to Troubleshoot NTP

Note: NTP requires internet if using a public NTP server. 

Public NTP Servers
  • OpenEye: 
  • NIST: 
  • Google: 
  • Microsoft: 
Troubleshooting in Apex  
  1. Under System Settings > General Settings > Verify that NTP is enabled and a NTP server is entered.clipboard_e594194c33beb02f3b59db524c6a02699.png

  2. The recorder checks NTP every hour or when the NVR is restarted. So, if you enable NTP or change the NTP server, you will need to restart to see an immediate change.

  3. If the time is not updating, verify your NTP Server address is correct or try another NTP server.

  4. (No Errors will show if you mistype the server’s address)

  5. If you continue to have issues, please contact Technical Support. 

Troubleshooting in Windows 
  1. Login as Admin
  2. Open Control panel and search for “time”
  3. Select Date and Time.
  4. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​clipboard_e56a4693afe9d06c3a4f38c300ac90298.png
  5. Select Internet Time Tab > Change Settings

  6. ​​​​​​​clipboard_ef3e7d8eee33e9a9a88254577383e9448.png
  7. Click Update Now
  8. If you get a syncing error, try to update multiple times

  9. clipboard_e330abd1f997b0983105b3d2888a16cdb.png
  10. If it still does not sync, try another NTP server.
  11. Once NTP is successfully synced you will the following message: 

  12. ​​​​​​​clipboard_ece13a49d08513f7e2d24e5e74ced09df.png
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