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How to Fix Scrolling Bars with LED Lighting

WDR Striping

If you are experiencing horizontal bars that have darker color bands in the video as if the exposure settings are different or problems with LED lighting when WDR is enabled, you may be experiencing WDR Striping. 
scrolling lines.png

This is usually caused when the frequency of the LED lighting are unknown values that are not 50/60hz. This is common with dimmable LED lights. As the LED dims the frequency of the lighting changes. LED are not technically on all the time even though they appear to be. If LED pulse rate is out of sync with the scan rate of the image sensor in the camera you get bars with WDR enabled.

In un-mixed lighting the issue doesn’t occur, for example at night when daylight is not coming in through the mixed lighting.png


For most OpenEye cameras, Suppress WDR Stripes, when enabled, the camera can automatically adjust slow shutter frequency according to the frequency of light to minimize stripes that may appear in images, the reason that is not present or noticeable in the evening is because the camera is not try to compensate for two different light variables.
full Cameras setting on 5c29 7032.PNG

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