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How to Fix "Respawning too fast" error on Linux recorders

The "Respawning too fast" error is caused by data corruption on the OS drive and/or Storage drive and prevents the recorder from booting 


There are a few options available to resolve the issue 

Repair Corrupt Data 

Use this option to attempt an in field repair of the corrupt data 

Boot into System Recovery Support Tools 

  1. Power the recorder off and wait 10 seconds 
  2. Power on the recorder and tap F12 on the keyboard, this should load the Boot Manager. Enter "dvr4321" if you are prompted for a password. 
  3. Keep the top option selected (this should be the primary OS drive) and hit the "Enter" key, then IMMEDIATELY after hit the "Esc" key 
  4. You should now be at the Grub menu; Hit the down arrow on the keyboard to select the "NVR OS Recovery x64" option and hit enter. 
  5. You should now be at the System Recovery Warning screen; Click "Continue" 
  6. There should now be three options to choose from, "Conditional, Complete & Support Tools"; Select "Support Tools" 
  7. Select "Support Tools" and the recorder should boot into Recovery environment and display Support Tools 

Once logged into Support Tools 

  1. Double-click Terminal on the desktop. If there is no terminal on the desktop then right-click on the black background select "Terminals" and "xterm". 
  2. In the Terminal type lsblk and press enter. 
  3. Take note of the system's partitions. Partition entries are of the formats mmcblk1pN and sdXN where N is a number and X is a lowercase letter. 


  1. For each partition in your list run: fsck -y /dev/partition # Where "partition" gets replaced with the partition name. 
    • Example: fsck -y /dev/mmcblk1p4 
  2. The recovery partition the system is booted from will refuse to be repaired due to being mounted. Any other errors should be reported to support for analysis. Further diagnostics may be necessary to ensure the drive is not failing. 
  3. If no errors, type: reboot 
  4. Once errors are found and fixed, reboot 
  5. Recorder should boot into Apex 

To help prevent this from happening in the future, a patch has been created to allow the NVR to attempt to automatically correct data corruption, if detected. 

  • Login to the NVR with an Admin account 
  • Go to the 'Software Upgrade' menu 
  • Click “Show more Options” and select “Specify URL” 
  • Enter and click install 
  • Once the install is complete, reboot the NVR from the “Power Options” menu 
Factory Default - WIPE ALL DATA 

If the above method does not resolve the issue, the more aggressive option would be running the Factory Default from a Recovery USB to wipe all data from both the Operating System Drive and the Video Storage drives. 

USB Apex Recovery Instructions

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