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Fisheye Camera Image Distorted in Command Station Desktop Client

Typically video that is distorted in Interactive, 360° Panorama or 2 x 180° Panorama when viewing in the Command Station Desktop Client is caused by out of date video card drivers or because of a graphics card that does not meet the minimum requirements for 360° View Mode. The minimum requirements for dewarping 360° IP video are higher than the minimum requirements to decode IP video.

Solution 1 - Update Driver

Update to the latest graphics drivers for your NVIDIA, AMD or INTEL graphics card from their website for your graphics card model and Operating System.

Solution 2 - Update Card

Update the graphics card to the minimum requirement for 360° View. Upgrading to a graphics card above the minimum requirement will deliver a better experience.






*Minimum Requirement for 360° View

GT 610

HD 7750

HD 530


NOTE: It is highly recommended the latest graphics card drivers be installed for the best experience. Dewarping 360° cameras in Command Station relies on Windows Direct3D.

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