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Why do I See no Data on the POE Tab For a Camera Channel?

Not seeing data in the Power over Ethernet tab for a camera channel could mean that the cable between the camera and the POE port has gone bad or the POE port may need to be power cycled. (This could also indicate that the Ethernet cable is not plugged in all the way either on the camera side or on the POE board. Reseating your cable may resolve this issue)

To power cycle your POE port go to network configuration > Power Over Ethernet and then click on the circle arrow on whichever POE port that you're power cycling


If the Power Over Ethernet tab is not populating, you can check the Enable Plug and Play and reboot. It will then pull the camera info in. 

  • If this doesn't resolve your issue, then you would want to test with a different channel port.
  • Replacing the cable or using a short patch cable will help determine if it's a cable issue.
  • Replacing the camera would also be beneficial to make sure it's not a camera-side issue.
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