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Why is my Multi-Sensor Camera Taking up More Than One License?

License Type

In order for a multi-sensor camera is only taking up the licenses, the recorder must use the correct licensing type. To take advantage of the 4:1 license ratio for a multi-sensor camera, you must have OWS 24/7 Plus licensing if using a 3rd party multi-sensor camera. If you are using an OpenEye multi-sensor camera, any tier of OWS 24/7 licensing will provide you with a 4:1 license ratio.

The Camera is Using More Than One IP Address

If the camera uses multiple IP addresses, it will take up a licensing slot for every IP address. The camera needs to be able to utilize a single IP in order to work with the 4:1 license ratio.

Adding Cameras Natively

To get the 4:1 licensing ration, the camera has to be added natively to the recorder. If you manually add the camera, it may take up additional licenses. Follow this link to add cameras natively: Adding Cameras via Discovery

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